Adam Green’s “Frozen” Review

Unique Idea but Should Have Been Done Better

Spoiler Alert

Frozen mostly takes place in a ski lift, with three characters stranded and facing the chilly face of death. Kevin Zegers is Dan Walker, who brings his feuding girlfriend, Parker O’Neill (Emma Bell), and best friend Joe Lynch (Shawn Ashmore).

Faced with being stuck on a chair lift for days until the resort reopens. The film is not so much about horror as it is about survival, as the temperature drops and the characters get hungry. Dan eventually jumps, but breaks his legs and is eaten by wolves.

Lynch and Parker must get over their differences while grieving Dan and attempt to escape the cold, not to mention the wolves.

The majority of the movie takes place in one setting: the ski lift, where the three characters try to consider ways to escape. The dialogue has a few jokes, and there’s even a nice recurring theme that becomes ironic: the skiing trip was seen as an escape from life’s mundane pressures, but afterwards life’s mundane pressures become an escape from the ski trip gone wrong.

This is good news since most of the movie takes place on the lift, it’s up to the dialogue and the acting to make us care about the characters living or dying. But the good news is far to sparse.

This is unfortunately where it falls apart: the dialogue can be promising but it’s never quite engaging enough, and though there is the beginning of fully-fledged out characters in Frozen, they’re never fully realized.

Plainly, we just don’t care if they freeze to death or are eaten by wolves. In fact, it’s easier to cheer for the cuddly wolves.


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